Javier Garanto Satué
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I have been working around urban art since 2010. I have participated in festivals such as Pinta Malasaña (Madrid), Calle Lavapies (Madrid), Cultura Inquieta Getafe, Asalto (Zaragoza) or CREA (Alcobendas) where in 2022 I won the first prize of the jury.

In January 2022 I had my first individual exhibition in "La Carbonería Espacio de Arte" (https://lacarboneria.net/arte/nuevo-pequeno-catalogo-de-seres/).

My works are compositions that work as snapshots of how people interact with different animals or imaginary creatures. They are small stories in different scenarios such as forests, cities or distant planets, and how in all of them we find beings full of light that help us to have a more positive vision of life through love.

There are works in which the colour acts to show a specific place, they are spaces that can remind us of specific places such as forests, cities, oceans, stars or distant planets, while in others the colour is inside the beings that speak of the energies they transmit in those moments of their lives.
Personnellement, je crois beaucoup dans les valeurs de la sauvagerie. Je veux dire l'instinct, la passion, l'humeur, la violence, la folie.

Jean Dubuffet

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